Special VIP Reservation Service

* Special booking service: We provide a special reservation service for small and medium sized groups for a unique VIP service. This special service gives you a special place to enjoy your evening in the center of Amsterdam. This service involves closing down the bar, restaurant and terrace to the public so you will not be disturbed. You can enjoy the whole place to yourselves! The package includes a round of Thai beers, Thai whiskey and several Authentic Thai dishes served to your table (Or if you prefer at the bar). You will have the full attention of our chef and servers at all times, extra dishes and drinks can be purchased on top of the package. All bookings are for a minimum of two persons and a maximum of 8 persons. You will have a set time of two hours, which can be extended for a maximum of eight hours (agreed prior to arrival).

An example package for 5 persons for two hours would be as follows:

5 Thai beers (choice of Chang, Leo or Singha)

5 Glasses of Thai Whiskey

Starter Set for 5 persons (example: Mini Spring Rolls, Fish Cookies and Sattay Chicken).

8 Authentic Thai dishes (example: Nua Nam Tok, Sot Hoi Nang Rom, Taam Taad, flaming Poh-Taak, Som-Tam Thai, Koi-Nua, Koi-Koong, Khao Neow and a sharing bowl of rice.

Thai Desert Set for 5 Persons (Choice of Thai Desert or Thai soft drink).

FREE additional services can also include your own choice of music, choice of lighting, karaoke and a performance from a professional Thai singer.

This service can only be booked and paid for in person. Booking and payment must be made at least 24 hours before your arrival. There are no refunds with this service. The service only covers the time slot you book. 

Minimum booking cost is 500 EUR for two hours. Prices are agreed on a group by group basis.