Upcoming news, closures & events

Date           Update

08/09/23 - Dishes will no longer be altered in any way. If you don't like a particular ingredient, we will NOT remove it. We are an authentic kitchen and all ingredients will remain in every dish.

08/09/23 - After careful consideration, we will no longer be accepting children, or large groups inside the premises, without prior consent!

04/09/23 - We will be closed for two days on 06/09/2022 - 07/09/2022.

24/07/23 - Our new menu launches Wednesday 26th July!

20/07/23 - BIG NEWS, we are now serving all of our meals on authentic premium palm leaf plates, giving you the real Thailand Street Food experience. You can now choose to eat in the the cafe, or pick up your plates and carry them out with you. The bowls and plates are environmentally friendly and fully compostable, ideal for taking your food on a boat trip, eating by the canals, or eating  on the go!

05/07/23 - We will be closed today due to storm Poly.

25/06/23 - We are opening at 17:00 for service on Sunday 25/06/23

23/06/23 - We will be changing our menu very soon! There will be some new dishes, and some prices may change slightly.

21/04/23 - We no longer accept reservations! Due to the high volume of walk-in customers, and the number of "no shows" for reservations.

20/04/23 - We are closed on 20/04/23 for one day.

06/03/23 - We will be closed for two days from 8/03/23 to 09/03/23.

24/02/23 - We have just released our new menu for 2023. Check out our specials!

17/02/23 - We are fully booked for 17/02/23 from 15:00 for a VIP party booking.

14/02/23 - Valentine's day promotion has now ended. Thank you to everyone who booked their table.

01/02/23 - Book a table this valentines day and get 10% off your final bill. You have to use our reservation service to qualify.

28/01/23 - We are closed on Saturday 28th January 2023

26/12/22 - We have new opening & closing times - See the Home page

25/12/22 - We will be closed on Christmas day 25/12/2022

1/12/22 - Our Deliveroo service is no longer available. Deliveroo had officially left the Netherlands on 30/11/2022.

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