We Recycle!

We take great steps to ensure we recycle as much as possible. All of our most popular soft drink bottles are 100% recycled, some of these include Cola, Sprite, Chaudfontaine, Orange Juice, Tonic and Heineken Zero. We work with specialist companies that provide a bottle collection, sterilization, refill and labeling service. This means we serve you a bottle of drink, you consume the contents, we then return the bottle to our special crates, and once the crates are full they will be collected. The crates are delivered to a sterilization factory where they are thoroughly cleaned and processed for refilling. The refilling takes place at the appropriate bottling factories, before finally being returned to our suppliers for resale to our cafe.

For the rest of the glass bottles we use a standard recycling service. We take the bottles ourselves to the local glass recycling point, from here the local council will crush the glass and find new uses for it.

We do the same with all of our cardboard. One of the biggest packaging materials is cardboard and therefore we recycle that to. In a very similar way to the glass, we deliver our scrap cardboard to the local drop off point. From here it is collected and processed by the local council.

We are always looking for new ways to recycle and reduce our carbon footprint!