The Bar

The cafe has undergone several upgrades including a modern kitchen, new fixtures and colorful lighting. We can set the mood to suit the needs of any party or occasion. The bar can go from bright white, to a colorful disco setting in no time. We provide a selection of Thai beers, as well as spirits and soft drinks.

The kitchen was custom designed to house our powerful cooking unit, allowing our chefs to get the heat & flames needed for great tasting authentic Thai food. We have two Thai chefs in our bar cafe, and one English bartender at the front of the house. Giving you great Thai food, with polite English service. A truly unique experience!

There are two toilets for customers use, and a terrace to seat eight people outside. We do not allow smoking in the bar, but smoking on the terrace is permitted (please note, smoking marijuana is forbidden on our terrace and the surrounding streets as of May 2023)  .

We also have two gambling machines, so why not pop in and try your luck.

This bar is a known hotspot for mixed celebrities, so we ask you to politely not disturb our guests during their visits. Many thanks!

If you have any questions or wish to know more, you can send an email directly to, or fill in our contact form.



Come visit us at the Thai Street Bar!

A quick message from the team:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The "Thai Street Bar" provides a unique food experience in the center of Amsterdam. You can enjoy Thai food and drinks at our cozy little cafe, and sometimes we have a little entertainment. We look forward to meeting you soon, everyone is welcome!